Innovision Concepts

About us

Knowledge . Values . Impact

Globalisation, which influences business, politics, culture, education and the individual in equal measures, challenges our decisions and our ability to implement them.

As an independent advisory service established in 2004, we have been supporting our clients in supporting communication strategies, planning their education & careers, designing innovative projects with their business partners and ensuring they realise their goals. To be able to offer this ‘holistic’ solutions approach, we work together with an experienced interdisciplinary team.

Located in Augsburg (Bavaria, Southern Germany), we utilise our extensive regional, national and international network to support companies, institutes, associations and individuals with our expertise. InnoVision Concepts functions at the interface between Business, Politics and Education while relying on the following key competences:
  • Public Affairs & Strategy
  • Intercultural & Diversity
  • Education & Career

We work to defined values and strategies, which is to your advantage:

The Values

  • trust & confidentiality
  • innovation, flexibility & communication as a guarantee of success
  • professionalism & quality
  • adapted and effective strategies


The Strategies

  • resources- and client-orientation: Recognition and utilisation of individual strengths
  • planning: Negotiation of individual steps to achieve goals to successfully complete projects
  • communication: Open dialogue and advise at all stages
  • development: Continual development of competences, methods and tools

The Advantages

  • extensive experience in our all our fields of competences
  • multi-faceted qualifications and competences
  • good local knowledge and an extensive network in many countries Sub-Saharan Africa, Germany and the rest of Europe
  • flexibility and adaptability
  • motivation and passion

We offer a complete interdisciplinary solution to your current requirements in close cooperation with our partners. Our ‘process-oriented’ style intertwines clients and partners as experts in their current area of focus.

We are constantly striving to improve and exceed our own standards. Of the utmost importance to us is that our clients are the absolute focus of our attention. That’s why we’re valued by clients worldwide.