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Building ‘bridges’ is the core of our work.

Relying on our extensive experience, gained over many years, we know that the appropriate academic and career training taken, can have a profound effect on ones life. Our professional academic advisory service takes the guesswork out of planning your child’s future academic pathway.

We’re there to support you, and your child, in successfully attaining the academic and career goals/ wishes aspired to. Our advisory service relies on/ is based upon/ many years of experience, an open style of communication, flexibility and an openness to cultural diversity. We accompany you/ your child throughout any educational/ training change.

In cooperation with our customers, we aim to:

  • Competently honour our commitments
  • Foster professional relationships
  • Place quality at the centre of all our interactions
  • Communicate clearly, with complete transparency
  • Deal in a trusting and respectful way, with cultural diversity
  • Consolidate the sustainability of our transactions/ interactions
  • Provide the best possible, holistic advice for each of our clients

We are constantly working to preserve and improve upon our management guidelines. Of the utmost importance to us is that ‘you’ are at the focal point of all our interactions That’s one of the reasons why we’re cherished by customers/ clients worldwide.

Andrea Agbo und Eric Agbo

School & Boarding school consulting

We give objective and independent advice on choosing the right school or boarding school for students between the ages of 6 and 18, by carrying out a detailed analysis of the students´ profile. We know the international school topography and our partner schools very well and the particular learning opportunities and advantages of each school. Best Education &Career supports parents and students through a preselection of appropriate schools, the support with application formalities and

arranging visits (and appointments) to the schools. Our consultants will be the confidants in Europe for parents and students and the interface to the boarding school.

As an additional service, we offer to accompany the parents on school visits, represent the parents on parents’ days and provide extensive information material to prepare them for staying in a boarding school abroad.

Vacation & courses

Boarding schools all around the world offer several holiday camp sessions, usually from 2 to 4 weeks long for girls and boys between 8 and 18. The schools ensure a high degree of learning in an international environment and a very broad choice of exciting activities, all by guaranteeing maximum safety through a caring & experienced staff.

You can choose between different language and academic courses, test preparation courses e.g. for the TOEFL or SAT, exams revision for GCSE, IGCSE, American High

School diploma, A Level and IB, different summer and winter sports and activities, arts clubs and cultural excursions.

We support you to find the right schools with the most appropriate academic and leisure program, guide you through the application and help you to prepare and organize the trip.

Gap year

After the exams a lot of young people want to take a year of between school and university or college. During this time students engage in extra-academic or non-academic courses, language studies, internships or volunteer work.

A gap year is good way to improve the personality, to collect experience out of class

room and to travel the world before the next academic steps. It is good time to review the choice of study.

With our partners we provide information about the different possibilities, organize language courses, internships and possible application for volunteer work.

University Advice

There are countless universities, colleges and subjects of study around the world. Each program and institution has its own unique focuses and requirements. Determining which program or university will best satisfy personal needs and meet long-term goals can be a difficult challenge and questions regarding the choice of the program, the application process, preparation for admission and meeting deadlines

seem to be unmanageable. This equally applies for the decision of studying abroad or to bridge gaps in secondary school education for university or college admission.

Together with you, we create a tailored strategy for an educational path which meets best your defined needs and builds the foundation for your academic future.

Potential Analysis

What do I really want for my future? What are my strengths and weaknesses? Which course of study or professional training would best suit me as an individual and help me to achieve my goals? While assessing your upcoming educational goals, it’s not unusual to go through a first intense self-discovery process.

Through a series of psychological tests and in-depth personal consultations, our Potential Analysis will define your career interests, cognitive structures and

objectives, and ultimately create a clearly defined profile of you as an individual. Based on these insights and our in-depth knowledge of the educational market, Best Education & Career is able to provide young people with an individual strategy and specific recommendations for their further vocational or academic education.


Best Education & Career

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