Innovision Concepts

Education & Career

Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family » (Kofi Annan)

Education . Career . Future

Today, education  and training are  deciding key-factors in achieving personal career-success and for developing personnel within companies. This leads to a considerable competitive advantage in the globalised economy.

Our education and training advice and education and training management are utilised

to design life-long vocational training-plans and transparent career advice and orientation. While the individual, with their personal and vocational resources and preferences, is at the centre of education and training advice, education and training management focuses on strategic instigation, control, supervision and evaluation of training processes.

Education and Training Management

At the core of education and training management are strategic planning and Implementation, with regard to future educational and training methods and courses available.

Education and Training Management deals with two different levels

  • The pedagogic-didactic level of planning, design and the organisation of the education and training process (Management of the education and training process)
  • The business level of designing the organisation, finance and personnel parameters (Business Management of education and training)

Education and Training Management is really a ‘balancing-act’ between pedagogic and economic decision-making

Education and Training Advice

Central to Education and Training Advice  is the individual and how their personal, academic and vocational resources, interests, preferences and wishes can be optimised for the job-market.

With our unit “Best Education & Career” we accompany you throughout any educational change.


  • to plan and organise a tailor-made education and training pathway
  • transparency of the possibilities  through school and career orientation
  • optimisation of career-path management & identification of future perspectives
  • personal development strategy
  • to support sustainable an Education Policy within Government


  • day and boarding School advice
  • career-profiling for orientation
  • university and career advice
  • organisation of vacation camps and ‘Gap Years’
  • development and Implementation of Workshops & Conferences
  • development & Implementation of Career-orientation tools

InnoVision Concepts unifies

  • classic pedagogic competences
  • education and training managerial knowledge, ’Real-world’ advice, Negotiation and
    Networking competences.
  • worldwide cooperation with academic institutes, schools & universities.