Innovision Concepts

Public Affairs & Strategy

“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics, is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” (Plato)

Analysis . Plan . Decision

Every institution or organsisation is, at some point, confronted with the discrepancy between real success and external perception. This external perception comprises different factors. One of the most important factors, is the communication between the stakeholders.

Good ideas alone are not enough. They must be communicated in a convincing way to the recipient.

This not only improves ones own image, but also gains a distinct advantage over business and political competitors.The provision of Political Advice as a service, must be understood as ‘high-level’ and ‘multi-role.’ It covers advice to political decision-makers, as well as leaders of public organisations and departments.

InnoVision Concepts offers appropriate and ‘culture-sensitive’ tools when dealing in strategic and operational spheres, as well as appropriate strategic and useable methods for understanding and mediation between the different stakeholders in politics, business and the civil-community. The instruments and methods used must respect the political, social and economic reality of each region.

Here, InnoVision Concepts assumes a ‘bridging’ role. Assisting with networking on location and supporting access to target-groups and decision-makers.

As part of their Publicity & Communications strategy, our partners place great value on Political Decision-makers or other influential individuals being convinced by the correctness and perception of certain administrative, economic, ethical or legal measures.

InnoVision Concepts analyses the image of the partner within the current target-group and on the basis of the analysis results, recommends an optimised image. In agreement with the client’s strategy, optimised communication methods/ techniques are defined and goals realised, saving time and resources.

The main aim of socio-political advice, is to initiate, develop and support reliable problem-solving approaches between the main role-players of the public institutions, organisations, the media and the general public.


  • raise awareness and increase creativity so that new solutions to existing socio-political questions can be found, allowing lasting economic and political stability to be established
    determine appropriate solutions to, and strategies for urgent political, social and economic situations
  • establish long-term and reliable ‘change’ strategies and measures
  • optimisation of image, communication and activities


  • location-based analysis
  • socio-political advice
  • goal and competitor analysis
  • analysis and development of political discourse and program.
  • Development & organisation of voting-campaigns
  • communication and media advice
  • image advice
  • project development
  • organisational and human resource development